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The Great Circus Detective Agency -- Rebecca Bartlett
The Great Circus Detective Agency

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A Haunting in Penn's Woods -- Rebecca Bartlett
A Haunting in Penn's Woods

Secrets of the Pendant -- Rebecca Bartlett
Secrets of the Pendant

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Adventures of a Teenage Muse -- Rebecca Bartlett

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Adventures of a Teenage Muse: The Dragon’s Muse

Everyone knows where artists get their ideas – from muses!  But what’s the muse’s story?  High school sophomore, Ella Sizemore, is about to find out. She’s just landed a job delivering inspiration to artists, which she’ll have to balance with school and her part-time work as a dishwasher.

Mining the Realms of Inspiration for ideas isn’t without risk. Not everyone wants to be in movies. Dark forces want to be released to psychopaths so they can cause real damage. To protect herself, Ella gets an assistant: Ignatius the dragon. Ignatius is good at insulting people, but rather useless as a bodyguard so Ulric the Hero helps out as Ella looks for the next Hollywood smash in the Halls of Horror, the Island of Absent Fathers and the Village of Inbred Trolls.

Trying to keep Ignatius and Ulric from killing each other while passing Geometry and finding the next Pulitzer Prize winning novel is challenging, but quitting isn’t an option. If Ella fails to keep the artistic community inspired, the doors to the Realms will close and the world will plunge into another Dark Age.

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