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The Great Circus Detective Agency -- Rebecca Bartlett
The Great Circus Detective Agency

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A Haunting in Penn's Woods -- Rebecca Bartlett
A Haunting in Penn's Woods

Secrets of the Pendant -- Rebecca Bartlett
Secrets of the Pendant

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Adventures of a Teenage Muse 2 -- Rebecca Bartlett


Adventures of a Teenage Muse: The Dragon’s Mistake

It isn’t easy delivering inspiration to artists and it gets harder when you’re the only muse in operation. Ella Sizemore is overwhelmed by her duties to fuel the world’s creative process while studying for her high school classes and figuring out boys.

Ignatius, her dragon familiar, is more of hindrance than a help. Ella doesn’t want to be annoyed with him, but he’s doing a job he isn’t qualified for. That’s a problem because something is wrong in the Realms of Inspiration: it's fading. It’s getting harder for Ella to find good ideas especially when she has to keep escaping from the dark forces of Vengeance and Treachery. They want to be released to do damage in the real world and Ella is the only way out.

Between studying for math, going on her first date, and saving Ignatius from the trap he’s fallen into, Ella has to figure out what’s wrong in the Realms and fix it before the world plunges into another Dark Age.

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