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The Great Circus Detective Agency -- Rebecca Bartlett
The Great Circus Detective Agency

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A Haunting in Penn's Woods -- Rebecca Bartlett
A Haunting in Penn's Woods

Secrets of the Pendant -- Rebecca Bartlett
Secrets of the Pendant

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Coming December 2015, The Great Circus Detective Agency. Available on NOOK and Kindle starting December 1, 2015.

Louisa Gravis wanted to be a detective, but police departments don’t hire dwarves. A career in psychiatry gives her professional success, but does nothing to feed her passion so, along her 300 pound receptionist, Louisa joins a mystery club—a group of amateurs who investigate murders—but the club’s solve rate is laughable. They despair of ever cracking a real case until a young woman comes in for a therapy appointment.

Gwen is beautiful, wealthy, and in need of stress reducing techniques. The feds are threatening to charge her with fraud because she’s won the lottery twenty-four times. Louisa now has a real mystery on her hands, but her club isn’t interested. They want to work on a fifty-year-old double homicide where most of the witnesses are dead. But, with a real life psychic on the couch, Louisa now knows the identity of the killer. Solving a double homicide is easy—Gwen is the mystery she must struggle to explain.

"Musings", a short film written by the humble author, is now available for viewing on the First Rites Film website.  Just type in Musings to the search bar and take a look at my first foray into screenwriting.

Coming in Summer 2014 -- "An Unexamined Life".  This work of literary fiction will be available on NOOK, Kindle and Kobo.

After thirty years of counseling the terminally ill, Dr. Miles Grayson thinks nothing can surprise him anymore. That’s when Katie Marin bounces into his office. Young, pretty and rich, Katie is healthy except for an aneurysm in her brain. It’s operable, but she’s refusing to have it repaired, happily planning for her funeral. This puts the hospital in an awkward position. Saint Anne’s is suing Katie over the estate she inherited from a local millionaire. If she dies of a treatable condition, they risk being held libel for medical negligence.

Miles is given the job of convincing Katie to have the operation while struggling against his own suicidal urges. Katie has deeper problems than he’s prepared for. Her two imaginary friends, Bill Zeebub and Harold Angel, have followed her into adulthood and are making every ones’ lives, including Miles’s, more complicated.

July 1, 2013  - Secrets of the Pendant

Due for release in March 2013: The final installment of the Adventures of a Teenage Muse series: The Dragon’s Mistake.

Coming soon: Check out the short film Musings, soon to be available on the web. Screenplay by Rebecca Bartlett. Directed by Jason Prugar.  Not surprisingly, it features a dragon.